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Brixton TOC tickets

I'm selling 2 tickets for Brixton TOC on the Sunday 13th November, and another 2 for Monday 14th November. If you're interested then DO NOT COMMENT HERE AS I WILL NOT BE ONLINE instead text me at 07974155534. If you want the tickets then you'll also have to come meet me at Victoria Station in London on Sunday 13th to pick them up. The tickets are sold in pairs for each date at a cost of £50 for both, and as a thrown in bonus my friend and I will give you our Used Nation names so that you can go to the backstage Meet and Greet with The Used which we are both signed up for.

Text the number above if interested. First come first serve and I will get back to you.


Hey, I just joined this community.. and..... stuff. I'm really into F4aF and I have been for a little while. I dont remember how I go into them.. I just know i freakin love em! and umm.. yeah.. that's all.. I don't really know what else to say...
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Hey, Im Autumn. I love Funeral For A Friend. Obviously:P. My friend mentioned them a while back and since then they have become one of my favorite bands. <3
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Hey, Welcome To Bend Your Arms. All You Funeral For A Friend Fans Join Up And Talk About The Best Band Ever!!
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